The Butterfly scream - book by Jan Tománek

A gripping thriller from present-day Prague - a book you do not postpone until you know what the real truth about the World is. ... so light and fluttering, yet deadly and frosty.

The Butterfly scream - book by Jan Tománek

An accident in the middle of a night city or a sophisticated murder? TV reporter Pavel Černý will get into the whirlwind of events leading up to the highest levels of World politics and secret power groups.

A thriller from contemporary Prague is leading up to the Bilderberg conference, where behind the closed door is the future of the world. Seeming crazy conspiracies that are closer to reality than you think - before you dare admit. The real truth is shocking and it is up to you to accept it. Nobody hides it from you - just watch ...

"Okay - so you want to know the truth about how the World works? Is that what this is about? I can tell you your truth if you want to ...

Today's society is like a ship - enormous, beautiful, and economically intertwined so that it can no longer control it. She lives her own life like this butterfly and just floats the ocean.

It is not possible to turn off all engines at once, because no one knows what it would do and if it did not hit it.

In fact, I'm just such a small tug that is completely empty and insignificant against her, but she tries at least to keep her direction in order not to shatter the nearest rocks. "

publisher Albatros Media - publishing XYZ - 2018

Jan Tománek (* 1978) is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In addition to film and artistic work, he also devoted himself to writing gaming and film magazines and founded the computer magazine Level, where he worked as editor-in-chief. He is known as the director, screenwriter and producer of the audience-successful animated movies Goat story, for which he won a number of international film awards and was also nominated for the Czech Lion. With his wife he lives on the edge of Prague and is the father of two children.

The Butterfly scream is his first published novel.

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